I always get more nervous for pre-wedding shoots than actual weddings. What if I can't make them feel at ease to laugh and hug and kiss and be themselves? I try to put myself in the couple's shoes, and I realise that they're probably nervous too! 

An engagement shoot is as much taking photos as it is creating a space for couples to be themselves. That's what I photograph – that little split second smile as they inch closer; the excitement in their faces of knowing they'll be married in three months' time. I remind myself of this and the nerves turn into pure excitement. 

Last Sunday I photographed Elisha and Jonus in Richmond Park. At 2,500 acres it's one of London's most beautiful places and indistinguishable from one season to the next. We started at Richmond Hill Gate and slowly made our way through the park. The weather was pristine - there wasn't a single cloud in sight as the tall, leafy trees and open, grassy fields shone in that summery sunset light that bathes everything in gold. 

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