Meet michael

My face when I’m told the supplier meal is ready.

My face when I’m told the supplier meal is ready.

Hiring a wedding photographer is a personal decision, and I believe that the person behind the camera is just as important as the photos.


Hello, I’m Michael!

I love photographing weddings because I get to be there for one of the happiest and most joyful days of your lives. On the wedding day I'm all smiles and treat everyone like friends. I won’t stage or direct moments, and promise not to take you away from your guests (or delicious canapés!) for an hour-long photoshoot. I’ll arrange any formal family photos you’d like, and I’ll blend in with your guests and provide a beautiful record of the rest of your day.

In a time where almost everything is ultra-efficient and as quickly as possible, I love taking the time to the really get to know the couples that hire me. FaceTime is brilliant, but if time allows nothing beats a face-to-face chat where we can talk and get excited about your wedding plans. Although photos are my main thing, I’m always more than happy to help with any planning related questions you might have. Your trust in me helps me create beautiful, candid photos on your wedding day.

Three years ago I moved from Puerto Rico to London to live with my partner Eleanor. I met her outside a Starbucks while we were at university in Florida. We spent Thanksgiving together that year while all of our friends returned home and the rest is history! I’d never set out to be a wedding photographer, but when I made jump from Puerto Rico I knew the time was right to go full-time. I've been photographing weddings for over five years now and have enjoyed (almost) every minute of it.

I consider myself to be warm, approachable and easy-going on one hand, and organised, discreet and professional on the other. In my spare time, I love making pizzas, drinking coffees and playing video games. A website can only go so far, so if you like the look of my work and feel like I’m the right person to have around on your wedding day, I’d love to hear from you.


1 - I’d like to think I’m outgoing and friendly, and although I’m guilty of overthinking some things (like whether it’s okay to have that last Percy Pig before breakfast), I’m pretty easy to talk to. An ESFJ after all!
2 - I learn something new with every wedding, and by far two of my favourite things about what I do are all the interesting people whose weddings I get to photograph and that I get to be surrounded by so much joy and happiness.
3 - Food is one of my biggest joys in life. If I had to pick one thing to eat forever it would probably be pizza (the Neapolitan-style, Italian kind). Coffee is my drink of choice – but before I met Eleanor all I drank were chai tea lattes. She showed me the light! 
4 - I really enjoy going out and doing things, but admit that in the winter months cozying up with the heating on and playing on my Nintendo Switch sounds just as appealing.
5 - I’ve been a photographer for almost seven years, and actually started out by photographing music festivals in Puerto Rico and looking back on those pictures now I think my editing was the cringiest thing ever, haha.


1) Syon Park (I’ve done 6 weddings here!)
2) Kew Gardens
3) Pembroke Lodge
4) Hampton Court House
5) Morden Hall


1)The 15 minutes before you leave for the ceremony, because the day is finally here and there’s so much emotion to capture!
2) That walk down the aisle as a married couple — you’ve done it, time to get a drink!
3) The speeches, because they bring out the best (and funniest) in everyone.

"Michael exemplifies the great distinction between service and hospitality. Service is fine: transactional, detached, and straight to the point. Hospitality goes beyond that: it is about giving, intimacy, and all in the details. Hospitality is an act of love. Michael's manner and work speak more to those virtues that than any vendor we could have dreamed of. Throughout this process, he has become closer to friend and family. We could not be more fortunate to have had him as such an important part of the goofiest, funnest, most perfect day ever. " - Gabi & Raúl